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Windmill provides exceptional configuration management support across many of the programs we service. Our configuration management experts manage the configuration control through direct interface with our customers and the hardware manufacturer.

Our corporate knowledge of aircraft operational requirements, in conjunction with our interface with the airframe depot support have made a significant difference in the long term viability of aging aircraft and the need to integrate new mission systems and airframe enhancements.

On the NATO AWACS program, our expertise is utilized in the long term planning and configuration control of changes made to the Legacy 707 airframe and the mission systems.

For our US AWACS customers, Windmill served as the single point of reference for AWACS Configuration Management. We were called upon by the US Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC...formerly Electronic Systems Center) Systems Engineer to handle Configuration Management Issues for the entire center.

Windmill's Data Management expertise focuses upon utilizing existing infrastructure, documenting processes and procedures and then implementing those procedures for a common data repository. Our data custodians have created and maintained comprehensive data repositories in support of our NATO AWACS, Global Air Traffic, and Surveillance and Reconnaissance Customers. Windmill has used tools such as LIVELINK, SQL Server, Access, Share Point and customer -developed user applications designed to meet specific needs.


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Providing Excellence in Professional Services to the AFLCMC for more than 25 years.

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